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Are you stuck for dinner inspiration?  

Are you having trouble cooking food that satisfies the whole family?

Is your time in the kitchen limited?   

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then 'Food before 5' is the perfect cookbook for you!   I have for you 85 recipes that are quick, very affordable and can all be made ahead of time so you don't have to cook at 5pm. It is great to have the option to prepare dinner earlier as the evenings can be a difficult time for many families juggling multiple tasks and taking dinner preparation out of the equation is one less thing to worry about.  


In the era of Masterchef & My Kitchen Rules, cooking has never been so popular but in reality, few of us have the skills, time or budget to cook to that standard. I certainly don't have the time or patience to cook up an extravagant meal which I am doubtful that my family would even eat.   'Food before 5' is helping everday people overcome these hurdles and prepare mouth-watering recipes that often seem too hard or too time consuming.  No special culinary skills are required, making it perfect for any home cook.


Special features include a photo index to each chapter making meal selection quick and easy.  'Food before 5' has also been very popular with the kids who enjoy flicking through the beautiful photos and choosing their meals for the week. It is wire bound and folds back on itself to save space on your kitchen bench.  


The most popular recipes are undoubtedly the apricot chicken curry, rolled meatloaf (with ham, cheese & spinach), 10 minute banana bread & 2 ingredient scones. There are plenty of other amazing recipes to try but these have been the favourites with hundreds of people.  


Take a look at some of the customer feedback received to date: 

 Review from BRISBANE KIDS websitehttp://foodbefore5.blogspot.com.au/2013/12/review-from-brisbane-kids.html


"Too many times when I open a cookbook, I could grab a handful of recipes I might cook and one or two I would actually cook.  With 'Food before 5' pretty much every single meal is something I could see myself cooking.  Easy, delicous, affordable & ingredients I don't need to travel to some exotic destination for.  Ngaire Stirling from 'Brisbane Kids' 


"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I just received my cookbook and I can't wait to start using it. I have 4 teenagers 18, 16 and twins almost 15. They all love cooking like myself and the way you have written and set your cookbook out is extremely teenager friendly. You have done a fantastic job I will be spreading the word on your book"  Michelle from Caboolture


"I just wanted to thank you for prompt posting of the book I ordered. It arrived in today's mail (packaged nicely) and I have had a good look through your book. I can't wait to get some ingredients and start making some of the delicious and easy recipes you have put into your book.  As I have never been a very good cook, I feel these recipes can be achieved in my kitchen! I like the layout of the book and also the storage suggestions and tips are really helpful. Just as impressive, was the fact you broke some main meals down to stove top and slow cooker.   I hope there will be a book 2 and I will be purchasing another one for my  mother to put away for Christmas this year".  Kathy from Bli Bli

"Received my cookbook today and I love it!  Meals that I can whip up with simple ingredients, that I would keep on hand & easy to understand instructions... Favourite part if the freezing guide.  With a busy house, this will be very handy..."  Kerry from Innisfail 


"Just wanted to thank you for my book.  It has so many easy kid friendly meals.  My 8yo son loved flicking through & has picked a 3 course meal to help make tonight.  Thanks again, it is fantastic!"  Rhiannon from Townsville


"Best choc mud cake ever !!!! So easy to make & tasted sooo good!"  Sarah from Buderim  


"One of our busiest days of the week on Monday.  Work & then swimming lessons & BMX after school before dashing home for about an hour before I head to choir.  Trying to squeeze cooking dinner into that is sometimes a nightmare... but today, dinner is already done.  10 mins & chicken cacciatore is in the slow cooker & smells delicious!"  Julie from Cairns


"Your book is fantastic, we love it.  I have made the macaroni bake, quick & simple quiche, silverside, rich Italian bolognaise, hamburgers, kids pizza, banana muffins & gingerbread (big hit with the kids).  Even my fussy 8 year old is happy to eat every recipe". Nikki from Brisbane 


"Amanda, your cookbook has taken pride of place on my bench - on it's own bookstand.  This week I have made, macaroni cheese, banana bread, corned beef (& made fritters with the leftovers), coconut chicken noodles, pikelets, honey drops, choc chip cornflake cookies, sandwich roll-ups & I'm going to whip up some scones in the morning to share with the soccer parents.  I looooooove your recipes".  Jacki from Upper Kendron


"I just whipped up the 10 min banana bread before washing up the dinner dishes.  Love that it only uses one bowl & it was in the oven within minutes!  it barely had a chance to sit in the tin for 5 mins before hubby was spooning icecream over the top of a steaming slice.  Thanks Amanda, it is going in the kids lunch boxes tomorrow".  Tamra from Townsville

Get back your cooking mojo and buy Food before 5 now!!  



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